Founding President Honored

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In a simple yet solemn ceremony held on 5th June, the submarinewivesclub gave much needed accolades to the first-ever president of the club, Mrs. Henrietta Griffin-Dorsey.

For all her efforts in keeping the organization running as smooth as a well-oiled sub, Henny-as she is fondly known by her close friends and fellow submarinewivesclub members-deserves this award.

The awarding ceremony took place on the docks of the Navy Club’s very luxurious clubhouse. Henny was given a plaque in the shape of a submarine, with the inscription etched on a gold-plated piece of the sub’s gallley.

Present during the ceremony is Rear Admiral Calvin Dorsey, Henny’s better-half, as well as husbands of other members of the submarinewivesclub. A live band played soothing jazz music as the honoree and her guests dined and danced the night away. I’m proud to say that we all got up and had a good go of the karaoke machine that was on offer!

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